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There are many factors when dealing with tree removal. The height of the tree, location of the tree, health of the tree, the tree species, amount of large wood on the tree, if anything underneath of the tree or in the proximity of the tree spread and many other variables. The determination of how the tree will be removed will be done in the estimation process.

Four Common ways Of Removing Trees

Bucket Truck Removals​

Bucket trucks, also known as cherry pickers, are a useful tool in an arborist’s tool belt. The bucket helps us reach 55-75 feet up in the air, very useful when positioning a tree cutter to make the right cut. The only requirement is truck access to the tree. This is very important when dealing with a bucket truck. Although a great tool sometimes it isn’t the right choice for every tree removal.

Climbing Removals​

Climbing removals involves a climber to access the tree using spikes and other rope access methods to gain positioning. When removing a tree, the climber reserves the right to use rigging or not depending on the situation. Sometimes climbers start cutting on the way up and other times ropes must be set to hold limbs so the limb can have a controlled descent when cutting.

Felling Removals​

This involves a tree worker making a cut at the base of a tree to fell the tree. Starts with planning on where the tree can go. Sometimes ropes are set up to help pull the tree in a certain direction while cutting. This is a great solution if there’s room for the tree and if there’s nothing of importance underneath the drop zone.

Crane Removals​

Crane removals are usually for the largest of trees, hazardous trees, storm damaged trees and if a climber needs a safe tie in because of the health of the tree. There’s an added cost to the job since the crane company is a very expensive piece of equipment and requires an excellent operator to operate the controls of the crane.

Importance of Rigging

When a climber needs to safely rope down sections of the tree, arborists use pulleys and ropes to get the job done right and smoothly. With an experienced tree climber, one could swing limbs if properly tied off and the right cutting technique. Even when roping wood, these ropes and pulleys are rated for more than enough capacity to handle the load. More importantly, the grounds person below also has an important job with handling the lowering of the ropes. We use a piece of equipment called a porter wrap. This is a friction device that allows a person to lower large amounts of weight. Definitely a go to tool for tree care specialists.

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