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Find out why AAA tree service is the right choice for tree pruning.

Tree pruning

Why are We the right choice for tree pruning in Northern Virginia?

At AAA Tree Service we go above and beyond to bring our expertise of arboriculture to your yard. Through years of hard work and proper training, AAA brings smiles to many customers faces when you mention AAA. We train our staff to adhere to all the industry standards when it comes to proper tree pruning. We use cutting edge equipment to make life easier on the jobsite. Tree pruning is an art and a science, and we pride ourselves on making the right cuts in the right places.

Benefits Of Tree Pruning

Pruning helps to improve tree health and longevity. Removing diseased or insect-infested wood can limit the spread of pests throughout the canopy. Pruning also helps promote a proper tree structure, preventing limb failures, and encouraging proper new growth to grow in the right places.

Tree Pruning is very important in landscape management. It can be used to shape trees and control their size, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of a garden or property. In fact, a well-pruned tree can significantly increase a property’s value.

Trees are essential for our environment, serving a critical role in maintaining ecological balance. Pruning is a vital practice that contributes to a tree’s health, enhances air quality, fosters wildlife habitat, and aids in mitigating climate change by enabling trees to reduce carbon.

How Topping Hurts A Large Tree

In the severe cases, topping can lead to the death of a tree.

Topping causes the quick growth of dense watersprouts. The sprouting of these weakly attached branches creates a hazard in the future when they become larger. Watersprout growth is rapid, and it can regain its original height in a short time with a dense and unsafe crown.

Topping trees removes a tree’s food production and food stored in limbs that are cut. It can cause a tree to use valuable nutrients stored in the trunk and roots to help regrow limbs and branches. Since large wounds in the middle of a limb can’t heal properly, this may encourage pests and disease to invade the improper cuts.

Tree topping completely replaces a tree’s natural structure and beauty with unsightly stubs, large wounds, broomlike branch growth, and poorly attached branches.

Stump grinder
Bobcat moving tree trunks
Tree trunk removal
Stump grinder

Different Types of Tree Pruning

Trimming trees away from structures, lights, other trees and more.

Removing Lower limbs to raise the height of the lower canopy.

Standard removal of dead and broken branches throughout the canopy.

Reducing the spread of a limb by cutting back to live lateral branches.

The removal of select limbs to improve a view of something like a body of water.

Shaping upper canopy to get a desired shape.

Reduce the upper canopy to get a desired height by cutting back to live lateral branches.

Reducing clusters of growth throughout canopy to improve air flow which improves structural integrity.

The pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs. This involves small, precise cuts throughout the canopy.

The pruning of young trees to promote proper branching structure when it comes to future growth.

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