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Premiere Stump Grinding In Northern Virginia

AAA tree service uses state of the art stump grinders that are designed to fit through tight spots and have the power to grind the stump with ease. When we are tasked to grind a stump, we call Miss Utility to come and mark all the utility lines underneath. This way we can safely grind away the stump with the confidence we will not damage any underground utility lines.

How We Grind Tree Stumps

A trained specialist uses controls to drive the stump grinder right to the stump. Then the worker puts barriers against the stump if needed. This protects nearby structures such as a house or a house window. Once the worker is confident, they can grind away knowing that everything is safe around him. The grinding wheel has teeth, the teeth grind away the stump with every swipe of the wheel. Once the stump is grinded, the worker rakes all the grinding in a pile where the stump was. Our stump removal service is the removal of the stump grindings to ground level but that is extra cost.

Stump Grinding

Grinding of a stump using a stump grinder with a grinding wheel and teeth.

Stump Removal

The removal of stump grindings to ground level.

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