Shrub Services

Benefits of Shrub Trimming And Pruning

A well-balanced shrub is a great addition to a manicured landscape. Not only does the right pruning promote vigorous growth and health branching. When dealing with trimming our hedge trimmer is our preferred tool, and when shaping something out of reach we use pole clips that can reach tall heights. An aerial lift can assist with shaping the top of the shrub.

Occasionally, we find that when a shrub has been trimmed too many times with trimmers. The light penetration to the interior branches starts to decrease when this happens. This is because the trimmer also cuts leaves and stems at the same angle which causes a wall effect. Then light can’t penetrate the interior of the shrub therefore interior growth starts dying out due to lack of sunlight. This is when we take out the hand pruners to punch holes or make thinning cuts, exposing the interior branches to light thus encouraging growth because of the introduction of sunlight.

Shrub removal Services

This service is the removal of shrubs using chainsaws, shovels, and stump grinders. A cluster of shrub stumps to remove may be easier to remove with a stump grinder that can completely grind any hidden roots. If you are replanting in the same area this may be the right option to completely remove any shrub. We haul away all cuttings of the shrub, and the removal of the stump is extra if desired.

Shrub Shaping

Shaping of top and sides of a shrub of any size to reach a desired shape.

Shrub Trimming

The selective cutting of limbs to improve health, and structure of a shrub.

Shrub Removal

Removal of shrubs using a variety of ways to remove the shrub. May need stump grinding to completely remove the stump.

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