Arborist Consultations

We Know Our Trees

Have questions? We have answers. Our experts know trees and have tons of experience in the tree care industry. Experience is a foundation of tree care knowledge. Have questions on trees or shrub health? Please contact us so we can use our expertise to give you an honest assessment of your tree’s health. In viewing their vigor and health, we examine the structural integrity of the tree’s growth. There may be limb spread that needs to reduce to improve structural integrity. Trees in the DC area have a myriad of obstacles underneath, this is why it’s important to get the right information. AAA Tree service is ready to give you the best possible information about your trees.

Arborist Consultation Services

Tree Risk Assessment

This is an assessment of a tree’s risk of failure. Our experts observe the tree. Then we assess the tree risk factor by using experience and industry standards.

Tree Health Consultation

This consultation deals with the health and vigor of a tree. There are many factors that our experts use to achieve a definite conclusion.

Shrub Health Consultation

This consultation deals with the health and vigor of a shrub. There are many pests and diseases that affect shrubs in the Washington, DC area. Our experts bring their experience and knowledge to give you an answer to your questions.

Tree Structure Consultation

This consultation involves the structure of branching on a tree. Our experts use their experience to inform you of on how to improve the structural integrity of the tree.

Pruning Consultations

Here we access what type of pruning a tree needs. Different types of pruning include restorative pruning, vista pruning and thinning. Thinning of interior branches to improve air flow.

Property Management Assessment

For managers who need tree risk assessments and other consultations. This is for a large area of trees surrounding housing. We can give you detailed information about trees and their structural integrity.

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