24 Hour Storm Damage Removal

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Storm damage can be a daunting task to cleanup, well we are experts at storm damage too. Tree on a house? No Problem, we have done that before. There are many tools we use when dealing with storm damage. We explain the general process of dealing with storm damaged trees. There are many ways to solve a storm damage problem and no two situations are the same.

First, the planning of the hazardous tree removal starts in the estimate process. The estimator will determine what tools to use and the method of removal. This happens before the crew steps foot on the jobsite. Climbers may change the plan if there are defect unseen from below. The plan is very fluid since there are so many variables to consider. If there’s a tree on the house with other large trees around the proximity, we may use the standing trees to set ropes. The ropes may help suspend a storm damaged tree, which helps support some weight, but this is not a permanent fix.

There are situations where a crane makes sense to use. This is because the crane can hold the weight of the climber. Also, the crane can help by hoisting away large limbs or large pieces of wood. There must be a place for the crane to park so this option may not work for every situation. The crane operator and the climber must have clear communication with each other. AAA Tree Service only uses the best crane operators in the Washington, DC area.

Storm Damage Services

Emergency Hazard Tree Removal

This is the removal of storm damaged trees. This may include broken limbs or trees that are uprooted. Also, the tree may be more difficult if the tree is dead.

Storm Damage Cleanup

This includes the removing of fallen trees and fallen branches. Also, may include the cleanup of limbs that suspended by another trees.

Arborist Consultation

This is when our estimator comes by and gives their opinion on a tree’s health. This may be the determining factor for removing a tree or not. Our estimators have lots of expertise when dealing with tree risk assessment.

Restoration Pruning

This is the pruning of a storm damaged tree. Our trained climbers cut storm damaged limbs back to healthy lateral limbs. This pruning may restore some of the appearance of a storm damaged tree.

Storm damage Stump Removal

The removal of storm damaged stumps. These stumps may be a little harder than a normal stump job. This is because the stump may be vertical due to the uprooting of a tree. No stump job is too big or difficult for AAA Tree Service.

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